11 Oct

FAMU 2016 – National Day of Families at the Museum

Sunday, October 9 the MoMS celebrated the National Day of Families at the Museum (FAMU 2016) with a stand set up at the Museum of the carpenter in Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG). This “joint venture” between the two museums, has produced exciting results both in terms of mutual promotion, anche from the point of view of the exchange of experiences.

The event – in the space of just 3 hours of afternoon opening – saw the participation of hundreds of people including about 150 children. Guests, in addition to visiting the halls of the Museum of the carpenter and to seeing some of the most significant projectors produced by Clay Paky, have been involved in various recreational and educational activities.

Experiments with light, set up inside the stand of the MoMS, were particularly successful. Children – but not only them – have been able to discover the “magic” related to the color mixing playing with shadows produced by GlowUp headlights made available to them. Hands on the white screen and colorful shapes in primary and secondary colors, were the backdrop to the “scientific” explanations on the color theory provided with the help of a professional educator.

The experience was definitely a success and an incentive to continue on the path of “networking” with other corporate museums in the province. The Moms has all it takes to give and receive significant contributions in this sort of collaborations.